As we finish the 2018-19 season, I wanted to reach out to the entire FC Helsingør community to thank each and every one of you for your support of the club this season. We unfortunately have been relegated to the 2nd Division, but in many ways the future has never been brighter for the club.
We are entering a new era for FC Helsingør; new ownership, a beautiful new stadium opening this summer, and a renewed commitment to field a team that each and every one of you can be proud of. My focus moving forward will be balancing the requirement that our club get stronger on the pitch (via opportunities abroad and in the U.S.) while at the same time maintaining the heart and soul of the club, which is the local community. I’ve made a concerted effort to engage with the greater Helsingør community by visiting and speaking with many of our mother clubs, traveling to the Netherlands with our U-15 academy boys team playing in a prestigious international tournament, and spending time with our girls academy program this week.
On the pitch, we will maintain a full time professional setup, and put all our time and energy into getting the club right back to the 1st Division. We are excited for a new batch of players coming in this summer, including two Under-20 Internationals from New Zealand who will be participating at the Under-20 World Cup in Poland. In addition, we are looking forward to bringing up several FCH academy players to our first team, and continuing to sign quality young Danish players. We are building a squad that will play quality, attractive, attacking football that everyone can get excited about.
I understand the concerns and apprehension about moving down to the 2nd Division, but we are confident and optimistic about the future of this club. This will only be a small stumbling block for us, as we intend to use all our time and energy to strategically and efficiently get right back to the 1st Division with an eye towards a return to the SuperLiga. Changes are bound to happen, but whatever the division, we will not change the DNA of the club which will be a focus on operating in the most professional way possible, bringing in world class talent, and a strong commitment to the local community.
Ultimately, I want to personally thank you for your continued support of FC Helsingør.
Jordan Gardner
FC Helsingør Chairman
Photo: © Claus Birch,