After the relegation to the Second Division, FC Helsingør have begun the task of organizing both the administrative and sporting departments of the club, to prepare for the fight for promotion next season.

On the sporting side it has been decided that Sporting Director for North America Matt Barnes will fill the role as Sporting Director for the entire organization for the time being. On the Danish side, Brian Gellert will transfer from his current position as assistant coach to a more administrative position as Chief Scout. Brian will be given the responsibilities of scouting, player recruitment, contract negotiations, and being the administrative link between the first team and the administration i.a.

Chairman Of The Board Jordan Gardner:
– “FC Helsingør is excited to name Brian Gellert Chief Scout, effective immediately. Brian has been an assistant coach with FCH for the last eight seasons and was an integral part of football staff that elevated the club to the Danish Superliga in 2017. Brian has a strong background in recruitment, talent identification and player personnel and his experience in Danish Football is perfect as we build a squad capable of making a quick return to the Danish 1st Division. Brian will have a heavy emphasis on recruiting quality Danish players that are well suited for the rigors of Denmark’s 2nd Division.

– It is important to us to establish a strong leadership team on the sporting side, where decisions are made with input from all parties in the club, to the benefit of the entire organisation. Brian will be working closely with the coming first team coach and the rest of the sporting department, and answer directly to Matt Barnes in the efforts to assemble the strongest possible squad for the 2019-20 season.

Brian Gellert looks forward to his new role:
– It’s going to be very exciting to have a part in putting together the strongest possible setup for the sporting sector, and we are going to be working very hard to get back to the top of Danish football again. It is very much going to be a team effort, and I will be working closely with the competent staff already in the club, and continue the hard work that has been done in the club for many years. One of my most important tasks is going to be the integration of youth players to our first team, and I will be working closely with Kenneth Rasmussen and the rest of the academy team, along with people like Natalie Ahl and Allan Jørgensen from the local Helsingør Elite Akademi, so we can develop the kind of young, local and talented players we would like to see on the first team.

– I’ve had a very positive first impression of the project on the American side. It has been very professional, and they bring a lot of passion and ambitions to the table, so I didn’t hesitate when they presented their project and my role in it. We are already steaming ahead with putting the squad together for next season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we had news in that department some time this week.