Omid Namazi, who took the reins in FC Helsingør from Peter Feher for the last matches in the spring, has been appointed to take over as FC Helsingør Head Coach for at least another season. The experienced American has agreed to a contract for the upcoming season in the Second Division.

Sporting Director Matt Barnes is pleased that FCH have been able to retain Omids services:
– I am thrilled that we were able to secure Omid Namazi for the 2019/20 season.  Omid is a terrific addition to FC Helsingør family, and the project that we are building.  We knew it would take a specific skill-set as a head coach to lead this club into the future, and Omid checks all the boxes.  He has an incredible track record as a developer of young talent, and he has the experience leading and managing professionals within football.

– Omid has both the energy and the work ethic that a rebuilding project like this needs, and his love for the game is infectious.  I have no doubt that Omid and his staff will succeed in changing the culture of FC Helsingør while providing all of us with an entertaining style of football.  We are fortunate to have landed such a well respected coach and person.  Please join me in welcoming Omid to the club.  

Omid Namazi is enjoying a brief holiday with his family and returns to Denmark next week to prepare for the preseason.

We are also pleased to announce that another American, Brian O’Donnell, is our new assistant coach. He replaces Brian Gellert who has transferred to another position in the club as Chief Scout. Brian O’Donnell was at the request of the club a part of Omid Namazi’s and Brian Gellert’s staff for the last matches in the 18/19 season. The 56 year old American will join Omid Namazi for the preseason preparations next week as well, this time as a permanent fixture in the FC Helsingør staff. A big welcome to Brian.