It was with great pleasure that FC Helsingør could announce last week that Omid Namazi had signed on for another season as Head Coach at the club. Unfortunately the appointment has now been cancelled. Due to family matters Omid Namazi has been forced to resign his position as Head Coach and return to the US.

Omid Namazi released a short statement:
– I want to thank Jordan Gardner for giving me the opportunity to lead FC Helsingør as the Head Coach in the last 3 months. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I will have to leave my post and return to United States! I wish Jordan and FC Helsingør the best of luck in this exciting project.

Assistant coach Brian O’Donnell was part of Omid Namazis staff, and will also be departing the club.

Chairman of the Board Jordan Gardner is sad to see the two leave the club:
– We want to thank both Omid and Brian for all their hard work and for the sacrifices they made being away from their families. The club is stronger and in a much better place. I wish them the both the best of luck in their future endeavors. They will always be a part of the FC Helsingør club and family.

The club has spent the weekend putting together a list for a potential replacement and has scheduled interviews this week. Finding a replacement that fits into our current system is our top priority.