Usually accreditation for members of the press isn’t required to attend games in the Second Division and the preliminary rounds in the Sydbank Cup Turnament. Valid press cards will provide entrance at the main gates.

Photographers who wishes to gain entrance to the pitch before, during og after games will however require accreditation and a special photographers vest. Please contact Press Coordinatior Jesper Teslak-Larsen or Communications Manager Rune Milling (see contact info below). This also applies to members of the press who wishes to book a guaranteed table spot at the press tables (for use of laptops etc.) Normally there will be ample space at the tables for regular games, though.

Official Logo

The link below provides logos and designs for FC Helsingør and they can be downloaded for press use and non-commercial use.


Download zip-file: FC Helsingør Logos
FC Helsingør have for many years had a close cooperation with Sportsphoto. Press and media can purchase images from the large archive containing images from FCH games from more than a decade past.
Phtographer Claus Birchs webpage and archive can be found at
All images © Claus Birch


Press Coordinator

Jesper Teslak-Larsen

45 53 83 02 71

Communications Manager

Rune Milling

45 42 90 95 99